Are you true to your self?

The most important thing for me is to be true to myself. When I am true to myself I feel strong and I it is easy to love other people. The problem is that I sometimes mix it up. I think I am true to my self but the truth is that the thing I do is that I am untrue to myself to make it more comfortable for other people. Sometimes it is to avoid conflicts and sometimes just because some people don´t understand what I try to say so I give up. Then some of you might think that you can´t go your own way all the time and that you need to chose your battles. I agree. It can be good for you to go with the crowd sometimes, even if it goes against what you really belive in. But if you do it again and again you might loose yourself.
When I work a lot I am always in the riskzone of losing parts of me. I can see (feel) it coming but I don´t always listen. I just keep on going, with the crowd, losing small parts of me every day. I am aware of it and I know how to stop it to find myself again. Sometimes I help my self, sometimes I don´t. I have been practicing it for a long time, to be home inside my self. So when I get the feeling I am lost at least I slow down, even if I  don´t stop.  
Yesterday I had the day I felt like enough is enough. Bad energy and bad temper. Not a good combination...for people around me...  (We all swing high. We all swing low. We all got secrets people don´t know...) 
So today I took the decision to go back home again, to my self. To find me, the whole part of me. To be true to me so I am able to be open in heart and mind. How? 
Yoga <3 of course. And it really works. Thirty minutes on the yoga mat. Thirty minutes with a empty (almost anyway) mind. Thirty minutes with focus on my body. Thirty minutes to turn the focus from the world into my self to open my heart to the universe and to the eternity.
I feel really good being back home but there are some good things with being lost. You get to know other people. Often you get lost when you are exploring, and exploring is a great way to develop as a human. When you get lost you prove to yourself that you are open to the world and not stuck in your own truths. Because being true to yourself is to question yourself and the things around you, again and again. With open heart and mind. 
Anna  <3  
Today I live like I wanna. I am free in heart and mind. Even if I do things upside down... ;)
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