What about home?

Här är allt så nära
Jag stannar här ett tag
Tar det jag kan bära
och det som är idag

Jag vill bara andas
Se färgerna igen
Sol och regn som blandas
med ro i skymningen

Till min plats på jorden
Jag tror jag kommit hem.
Some of us are lucky to have a place we call home. I live on my place on earth. I live my dream with people I love around me. It is a gift from heaven and I am grateful everyday and every minut. But somtimes it is frightening to be happy. It is frightening to know how quick things can change. I try not to think about it. I try to feel love and trust when the doubt try to take place in my head and heart.
Some of us had a place they called home. They lived on their place on earth. They lived their dream...and had to leave it. That is not fair and it breaks my heart. I can´t do anything to help and that makes me sad. 
The only thing I can say is that I think you can have more than one home, more than one dream and that you can´t have to many people loving you. Perhaps you don´t have that much colours in your life right now. Perhaps your world is painted in grey och black. You are seaching for the bright colors but you can´t find them. My heart is with you and I hope you have someone you can trust. Some days ago I read this in a book (free translation). "You know it is a hole world between the end and the fresh start. The wounded time. During that time you walk with heavy steps. Take your time for that process. The day for the fresh start will come."
I know it easy to write about love and life and hard to live the life. The only thing we can do is to do our best, step by step, day by day. And I really hope you will see the coulors again. I hope you will find your place on earth. A place for your home, heart and dreams. 
With love
Anna ❤
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