What about love?

Some days ago someone asked me: So Anna, what about life? I couldn´t answer because I don´t know. Today I asked myself the question; So, Anna, what about love? I don´t have the answer, but I have some thoughts.
When I was expecting my second child I was a little bit worried how I would be able to love two children as much as I loved my first baby. Because my heart was full of love to her. You know what. It doesn´t work like that. For every person you take in to your heart your heart will grow. One, two, three, four, five, six...the heart expands and I don´t think there is a limit for how much love you can feel. 
But the more you love the bigger risk you take...to get hurt. Something can happen to the ones you love and if someone you love feels bad in any way your heart will bleed. 
My love opens my heart and my arms for you. My love will support you when you want to try your wings. And I hope you will feel my love and that you will feel safe to ask me for help if you break your wings. 
It can be scary to open the heart. I take the risk. Welcome into my heart. 
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