What about love?

Some days ago someone asked me: So Anna, what about life? I couldn´t answer because I don´t know. Today I asked myself the question; So, Anna, what about love? I don´t have the answer, but I have some thoughts.
When I was expecting my second child I was a little bit worried how I would be able to love two children as much as I loved my first baby. Because my heart was full of love to her. You know what. It doesn´t work like that. For every person you take in to your heart your heart will grow. One, two, three, four, five, six...the heart expands and I don´t think there is a limit for how much love you can feel. 
But the more you love the bigger risk you take...to get hurt. Something can happen to the ones you love and if someone you love feels bad in any way your heart will bleed. 
My love opens my heart and my arms for you. My love will support you when you want to try your wings. And I hope you will feel my love and that you will feel safe to ask me for help if you break your wings. 
It can be scary to open the heart. I take the risk. Welcome into my heart. 
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Nobody is perfekt. Everybody makes mistakes. You can't love every single person on this Earth. But I really do my best. I believe in love and kindness. Some people might say that is a naive way för stupid people. It might be true. Then I try to be as stupid and naive as I can. Sometimes I fail and my thoughts become dark. Then you meet the angry me. For a short time. So I can be good and bad but you will always see the true me. What you see is what you get. So I am not at all perfekt but I am true. True to my self and true to you. Are you?
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I am a lost girl from neverland

I am a lost girl from Neverland...always running away from all of reality. Sometimes I believe that is me. I don´t belong in this world with focus on money, time and rules how to do and how to be. I want to fly away in a cloud of green... Then I realize that is to be a coward. Reality is here and I need to accept it. But I can face reality my own way, not the way other think I should. That can be hard but it can also be amazing.
I am a lost girl from Neverland...facing reality the way I can. I will do it my way and I will be strong. I will have my good days and I will have my bad. But I will go my way and I will be true to my self. 
I am a lost girl from neverland and I don´t run. I face reality and I am free. But I still believe in Peter Pan. 
VVS - våga vara sann
Anna :)
Och om min engelska är lite halvdålig beror det på att jag är liite ringrostig. Har inte skrivit så lång text på engelska sedan 1990 när jag slutade gymnasiet...
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